The fps4000 High Speed Camera

What makes the fps4000 slow motion camera so special? It uses advanced memory coupled with a unique architecture to give you a small, compact high speed camera with very long record times.

What’s more, the fps4000 series includes a range of resolutions and frame rates to suit your requirements: speed or resolution? You choose. There’s also monochrome and colour options. Plus, there’s the opportunity to double the memory, and so double the performance.

And all this comes at a price point that’s affordable.

Large Memory, Long Record Time

The fps4000 has an incredible 256, 640 or 1280GB of internal memory as standard, depending on the model, which is enough for one minute of real-time capture plus two minutes of archive memory.

With the fps4000, you no longer need to carefully plan each shot and set up triggers to capture the crucial few seconds. This is a point and shoot camera, giving you a huge range of new opportunities.

The memory is also non-volatile, so you can save the images in camera for as long as you want, even with the power off.

Highest Quality Raw Files

All videos from the fps4000 are saved as raw files in industry standard DNG format. Then you simply, download them into your favourite post processing application, such as DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro. Software is supplied for saving files in DNG and JPG formats.

Raw files retain all of the original image data in 10-bit colour depth so you retain maximum quality and can easily colour correct and grade in post production.

Small, Light and Portable

This fps4000 is the most portable high frame rate camera on the market and is small and light enough to be handheld. It doesn’t need a host computer to operate and you can easily live preview, record and playback using the built-in 5 inch LCD touch screen.

Internal batteries power the camera for typically 1-2 hours. Each camera comes with batteries, a battery charger, mains adapter and USB3 cable.

Built In SSD Storage

The internal memory is partitioned into a one minute real-time full frame rate buffer plus a two minute archive storage. This means one minute clips can be cut and saved to the archive memory in camera, allowing for two minutes of high speed clips to be saved before uploading to your computer, and giving you maximum availability during a shoot. Saving to archive memory is instant. [Note: This will be available in a future software release].

Fast USB3 Image Download

A high speed USB3 interface gives you fast image download times post shoot. Software is included for image preview and conversion to JPG format during save.


High Dynamic Range Mode

A user-controllable HDR mode provides up to 16 stops of dynamic range.

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Configure Your fps4000 Camera

fps4000 Series

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The fps4000 Series high speed camera allows you to configure key features.

The 256GB Lite camera comes with a fixed configuration of 1280×720 @ 1000fps, a colour sensor, C Mount, and no lens adapter.

See the comparison table for the full feature list.

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