About The Slow Motion Camera Company

Founder of The Slow Motion Camera Company, a UK-based company, and the designer behind the fps4000 series of high speed cameras, is Graham Rowan: engineer, inventor, innovator, tech leader and disruptor.

The launch of the company’s high speed camera, back in 2014, set the industry alight, as it was the first time a powerful – and affordable – high speed camera had come on to the market.

“Having spent many months researching the camera market, I came up with the idea of using new technologies to develop a new type of high speed camera, while dramatically reducing the cost,” says Graham.

Graham discovered that the two factors that made high speed cameras so expensive were: the need to design a specialised image sensor capable of capturing images at high speed. And a very fast memory to store the data coming out of the sensor at high speed. This meant high speed cameras were not only expensive, they were power hungry too.

“Two new technologies had recently emerged to solve these problems: off-the-shelf high speed sensors were already developed, so that saved huge research and development costs, and low cost, very dense flash memory chips, thanks to the success of the phone and portable electronic devices.”

“I developed a novel memory architecture which allowed me to utilise the flash memory at high speed. And this gave me our camera’s most important USP: long record times at very low cost.”

The first camera was launched successfully in 2014 following a Kickstarter campaign. And this was followed by the fps4000 series in 2017 with better performing sensors, memory capabilities and improved overall performance.

All cameras are designed and manufactured in the UK and each comes with a 12 month warranty.

“We offer something unique in the market,” says Graham. “Our products are priced to create a whole raft of new users, and now high speed cameras can be applied to solve problems where they would previously have been out of reach cost-wise.”