Introducing the best high speed, low cost camera on the market

Small, robust and beautifully designed, our fps high speed cameras are packed with unique features that help you shoot high quality slow motion films easily – and for a fraction of the price usually associated with high speed filming.

With long record times, an easy to use interface and attractive price point, the fps4000 series is changing the way slow motion films are made. From university students to established film producers, everyone is choosing the fps4000 high speed camera over conventional slow motion cameras. And here’s why:


Constant Frame Rate

Continuous recording at 1000+ fps with no compression or frame skipping.


High Quality Raw Format

10-bit DNG (Digital Negative) raw video format for the highest quality output.


Long Record Time

A huge 1,280GB of built in high speed video memory for one minute recording time.


Archive Memory

Two minutes of archive memory so clips can be saved in camera over a long period (available in a future software release).


Small, Light and Portable

Integrated batteries and touch LCD for ultimate portability and versatility.

The fps4000 series

The fps4000 high speed camera changes the way you make slow motion films, with one minute of record memory plus two minutes of archive memory, compared to just a few seconds for typical slow motion cameras.

The fps4000 has three resolution options: 720, 1080 and 4K with up to 1280GB of memory.

Prices start from £1,900.

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